Puppy Sales Agreement
K 9 Dobermans
Angels Camp, CA. 95222
Christopher and Linda Francone
Puppy Sales Contract:
Purchasing As: ___Pet___Breeder____Show
Limited_____ Non Limited___
Purchase Price____________

Purchaser Agrees To The Following Conditions:

1. The Doberman is a purebred Doberman Pinscher.

2. The litter is registered with the American Kennel Club and an individual registration form will be furnished to the buyer after the breeder has received payment in full.

3.To the best of the Breeders knowledge, this Doberman is free of communicable diseases and at time of sale the Doberman is in excellent health. The Doberman has received appropriate medical inoculations and care.

4. No one can Guarantee Genetics, but the Breeder guarantees that if your Doberman should die prematurely ( before the age of 1 ) from a genetically caused problem, the Breeder will give you another puppy from the next available litter ~ the only cost will be to pay the cost of cropping and shipping if the puppy cannot be picked up.
Further, Buyer is required to take the Doberman to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours after taking possession, for a post purchase general health examination. If this is not done this invalidates this contract. Failure to return written report within 48 hours of exam invalidates this contract. If  during this health exam the Doberman pup is found to have infectious diseases such as parvo, corona, or distemper ( internal, external parasites, and kennel cough excluded )
    The Buyer must return the Doberman with the Veterinarian's written certification as to the health problem. The breeder then agrees to refund the purchase price upon return of the puppy ( uninjuredor harmed )
with the registration papers to the breeder. A refund will be given only upon receipt of the report from a licensed veterinarian. The breeder is not responsible for any expenses incurred.
    Further, Breeder will not provide a refund or exchange  for any Doberman which was injured or became sick after leaving the Breeders premises. Buyers are admonished to limit the exposure of their new puppy to other dogs and outside high traffic dog areas until the puppy is at least 16 weeks old and has been given its last or third puppy vaccination.
Further, The Buyer agrees to maintain preventative health care of the Doberman including, but not limited to: annual inoculations, treatment as needed for internal as well as external parasites, and heart worm preventative medication Buyer is Advantage as a Monthly treatment protocol, it may be hazardous to your Doberman's health such as possible Liver Failure. I recommend  use it as a single treatment should your Doberman get fleas, but I strongly advise Against using it as a monthly maintenance treatment.
    Further, Breeder reserves the right to remove and take possession of said Doberman from the Buyer's premises due to demonstrated neglect or abuse by the Buyer when verified by an officer of Animal Control or the Humane Society for the County of residence.
    Further This Doberman has been bred to the breed standard and for a healthy, sound, loving temperament, which should also be naturally protective of his family and home. This Doberman has also been bred for intelligence and an aptitude to compete and win in obedience and Agility trials. No Guarantee is made as to disposition, conformation, or breeding ability,
    Further, Breeder strongly recommends that Buyer enter and complete at least two, basic obedience classes with the Doberman and provide proper socialization opportunities for the Doberman.
    Further, This is a non ~ transferable contract. Under No Circumstances may the Buyer destroy said Doberman before discussing this decision with the Breeder, except for urgent health reasons ( documented by a vet ) which would impact the Doberman's quality of life. If the Buyer violates this term of the contract Buyer will owe the Breeder the original ( not actual ) purchase price of the Doberman.
Theses signatures constitute full agreement of both parties and are legal and binding in all jurisdictions.
READ, UNDERSTOOD, AND AGREED, this day of   Month____Day____Year_____
Breeder is bound by this agreement to original buyer only.
Micro chipping available upon request at a small additional cost.
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