1. If you don't want your grown Doberman on your furniture, don't allow him or her on the furniture from the beginning.
2. If your puppy is chewing on something you don't want him or her to chew on, hand  a toy to chew and play with. All puppies chew.
3. Make sure all members of the family spend time playing with the puppy safely and feeding him.
4. Pack is important. Be sure you eat first, then the puppy. You go through the door first. You are the leader of the pack.
5. Crate your puppy if you can not watch him or her until he is housetrained.
6. Do not leave your puppy in the yard unattended. People can steal a small puppy or they could get into something that will harm the pup or create  bad habits.
7. Remember your puppy is still a baby. Be careful to imprint positive experiences only. If he or she becomes frightened, redirect  to something positive. Do not pick up your pup .
You will reinforce fear. Instead, Pat them and get them to get interested in something else.
8. Never make a big deal of a mistake. Redirect. A Doberman wants to please you and it's your job to let them know how to do that.
9. If the pup runs away from you and then comes, don't scold the pup if you want the pup to come again. Use a treat for them to come back to you.
10. If you have other dogs, make sure you have time with the puppy alone so that he bonds with you. They will not do that as quickly if you do not spend time alone with your puppy. Puppies should not be left with a grown dog and should be closely supervised until they are older. Proper introductions are vital. Never feed them together or leave food down.
11. Dobermans require quality exercise. Don't just leave them outside alone. To properly exercise your dog, teach them to fetch, go for long walks on and off the lead, let  hem smell and use their nose for scent. Exercising should be a time to bond with your puppy and is one of the most important times.
12. Favorite game for scent: Since most puppies have a favorite toy ~ hide it so that they can find it easily, praise, and play with him. Slowly make it harder to find until he smells to find the toy. It will teach them to find things by scent and they love it !
13. Do not attempt to train your Doberman yourself. You should attend a puppy class with more classes as he or she nears a year old. Positive rewards must be used with this breed
and you will need the help of someone that has trained before. Bad habits are very hard to break. They want to please you and are easy to train if done properly.
14. We feed our dogs Eukanuba dry kibble with chicken and rice. And vitamins, essential for a long healthy life and great for the coat.
15. If you don't want a 70 ~ 100 lb. dog jumping on you, don't allow them to do that as a puppy. Tell them ( DOWN ) and put the food down.
16. Puppies love to chew and bite. If he chews on your hand or feet, give them a toy to chew. If you allow them to bite, they might do it too hard.
17. If you don't want a big dog licking you in the face, don't allow them to lick your face. Tell them ( NO )  and play another game. Remember there tongue may not have been in the most sanitary place. They love to lay their head on your lap for attention. Puppies that lick may also nip.
18. Playing too rough will encourage them to play rough. If you have a rope toy they most
enjoy pulling. Teach them to "give" so that they will drop the rope. Do not chase them around with it or that will be the game. Teach them to drop it and then you will play with them.
19. Use a snap on collar. Chains can get hung up and choke your dog. Or use a harness.
20. Dobermans all need a job and their favorite job is to please you. Attend an obedience class or two to know exactly how to train your dog correctly.
21. The Dobermans are protective by nature. They sense danger. They do not need to be trained to attack and should not be sent to a trainer. Training needs to be positive and done by you and your family.
22. They should not be left alone in a yard for many reasons. They can escape. They can be stolen. They could become bored and destructive. They can't take extreme cold or heat and long to be near you. They were bred to protect. They can't do that in a yard alone.
23. Why crop the ears ? It is thought to increase their hearing and allows the ear to air which makes the ear  less susceptible to ear infections.
24. AKC Champion Dobermans are the best in the country These dogs are judge by the beauty, confirmation, and temperament according to the AKC standard.
The American and the European Doberman are widely known.
25. Competition for your dog: I suggested to start with obedience class and then, move to Rally. Rally can be done off lead and is an upcoming sport. Agility is also something that dobies will love. You can compete in AKC, UKC and SCHUTZHUND Working dog.
By doing this your dog can be titled.
26. We use frontline on our dogs each month. They will not have good skin if they have fleas or ticks. Heartworm med's are a requirement.
27. White Dobermans are albinos. Dogs with white dogs behind them should not be bred. They have problems in eye sight, have skin problems,  are sensitive to light, and are not a healthy animal.  They are not a rare find. They are a genetic mistake  (and responsible breeders do not have them in their dogs.)
28. Dilutes of a black dog can produce a blue dog. Dilutes of a red dog produce a fawn dog. Some dogs carry no dilutes. There are only two colors in Dobermans. (Red and Black)
The other colors are dilutes. It takes two one from each parent to produce a blue or fawn. Black and red dogs usually have better coats and skin.
29. DNA testing confirms the sire and dam of the litter.
30. Most important call if you have any questions, concerns, or problems. We are here for you.